Inputting Kanji on a Palm
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I use a Palm TX to help me study japanese. How can I input kanji directly into a document ?

I run CJKOS, which is cool but only allows input in kana (I think - I've never found a user manual in english !); i'd like a system that works like the Windows IME - you type in kana, then select among an array of kanji the correct one that corresponds to that pronunciation.

So far I have tried J-OS IME, which crashes my PDA, and POBox, which as a hack, doesnt work under PalmOS 5 which I run. I tried replacing CJKOS by J-OS, but it only led to more crashes, and never displayed japanese correctly.

Anyone has more ideas? Thank you !
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I use POBox FEP, which I don't remember where I got it from (maybe this site), but it works great under Palm OS 5.4.9 on my Treo 650 with CJKOS.
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Birdsquared, i installed POBox FEP, and activated it in my DA launcher, but nothing do you use it? I can't read the japanese page to see if there's a manual.
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Hmm, I don't have a DA launcher - the program I installed is a Preference add -on, so I activate it through the Preferences (I actually leave it on, because it is exceedingly simple to toggle on/off using the Treo keyboard.)
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I never thought of looking into Preferences. It works like a charm !! And the DA allows me to turn it on/off. Thank you Birdsquared !!
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