How do I create a job search site?
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I want to create a job search site for a specific geographic area - sort of a mini-Monster where employers can post job announcements and job hunters can search and filter their results by salary, zip code, etc. Are there web services/businesses that make it easy to do this - e.g., subscribe to their job site service, slap a brand/domain name on it and launch as your own? Or is this something that can only be done with a database/programming solution?
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This is a fairly hefty undertaking. As far as I know there's no 'reseller' options. You'll have to roll your own solution. It will not be a two-day thing.
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Hitting Google with White label job board turns up at least one promising candidate.
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Are you looking for a classified network that you will re-syndicate on your site, or are you just looking for job board software?

Because if the latter, "Job Board software"

at a past job I've worked with searchease, which is a hosted solution (and pretty pricey); at my current position we've rolled our own on top of a CMS. job boards aren't rocket science, though it does help to know what fields companies want.
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Thanks, everyone. My Google-fu failed me - I wasn't familiar with these terms!
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