Is it possible to disable the Windows XP Slideshow Folder View
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Is it possible to disable the Windows XP slideshow folder view, or at least set it to not be default? I want to do this without disabling custom folder views; I know I can set all folders to display a certain way (I like tiles), but I'd like to be able to give some folders their own custom view settings (i.e. I like showing my mp3 folder as detail view with custom columns)
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To disable the slideshow (filmstrip) view in a specific folder, just change the view while you are looking at that folder. The view will be the same next time you open the folder. Same goes for your mp3 folder: just change it to the view you want. If you are looking for a way to do this more than one folder at a time, I'm not sure if that is possible.
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open any folder,

go to Views, choose your view ie. thumbnail, tiles icon

then go to - tools - Folder options - View

Click on apply to all folders

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oops, didn't read question fully
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Response by poster: Still unanswered
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