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I miss my tuba... Can someone point me in the direction of what I should be looking for in a tuba/baritone?

I used to play tuba years ago, and I've come to the conclusion that I miss it. I want to get a hold of a tuba so that I can re-learn how to play the beast, but I'm not sure what I should be looking for in a tuba/baritone or even were I can begin looking. I don't want to buy a piece of crap... yet I don't need a top of the line tuba just yet. I figure that a baritone might be a good replacement as well as its similar shape though smaller size... but if i'm completely wrong and the only thing I should be looking at is a tuba, then let me know that as well. Thanks.
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I play the baritone and you certainly want a tuba if that is what you had before. While they look similar they are very different.

I am in charge of maintaining a local community band's insturments (I'm on the board) and we do own a tuba. I always look to local music and repair shops for their opinion on the quality or lack there of in an instrument. They see different makes and models every day. I'd check with a few local shops. They might even have something for sale.
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The Tuba Exchange has both a great selection and knowledgeable staff who can give you advice.
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There are companies that rent band instruments... That might be a way to get your feet wet.
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