How to find a Yakiniku grill for a party
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I'm having a 25th birthday party, and need a yakiniku grill for it. Where can I get one?!

I'm having a BYOM party (that's right, bring-your-own-meat), and for it I'd like a Korean yakiniku grill, preferably one that sits on the table. Electric or gas, I don't care, but all the ones I've seen are less than a foot wide. I'm hoping to get one that might be big enough for several people to have meat on at once; perhaps a couple of feet across?

Where can I buy one? I've checked as many sites as I can, eBay...

I live in New York, by the way.
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Best answer: Assi market in Flushing Queens would have them.
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Yakiniku, if you're doing it right, cooks REAL QUICK.

All the yakiniku restaurants in Japan I went to had pretty small grills that still served 4.

Don't forget the sliced carrots!
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Best answer: H-mart, or one of the neighboring shops in K-town will have it, if you can't make it out to Queens.
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My standard answer to "where do I get (insert Asian food item or cooking tool) in New York City?": Kam Man on Canal St.
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Go to anyone one of the Koreatowns in NYC, and you will find what you are looking for. There is a really good Korean grocery store that sells this kind of stuff in Jackson Heights. Plus some good stores on 32nd St. in Manhattan. Also, check out the Loto grocery story in's huge.
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