This movie title is racking my brains.
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Help me find a movie I only remember a few details about: dude with a car, collecting pieces to a prize, possibly post-apocalyptic.

For some reason the premise of this movie just randomly struck me today while I was driving. I know I saw it a few years ago on TV, but only caught parts of it. Not sure if it was ever in theaters or it was just like a made-for-TV movie. All I remember is that the main character of the movie was collecting like tickets or stickers similar to the concept of the Monopoly game at McDonald's. I have no idea what they meant or why he was searching for them. I seem to think that they were on the bottom of drink cups and he was trying to spell out some word or phrase. I'm also recalling that he was assembling the completed word/phrase on his windshield or somewhere like that in his car. I think the word or phrase had something to do with cars or car racing. The movie possibly had a post-apocalyptic feel to it. I want to say for some reason this character was headed for a place called Middlesex, or maybe a sign just said Middlesex on it at some point.

These are vague details but they're specific enough that I'm sure someone will recognize what I'm talking about. Some of them may be off since it's been so long and I remember so little about it, but this is all I can gather. It's been bugging me all day and I won't stop thinking about it until I know.
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Response by poster: Ah, dang. Just found it by randomly trying combinations of words I remember relating to the movie. It's "Motorama."
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I caught this flick late at night during a rough bout with the flu. I found it very interesting while completely doped up on NyQuil. I was minutes away from asking this question myself about a year ago when finally google came through.
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Possibly of interest: it's written by Joseph Minion who also wrote the excellent After Hours and the bizarre Vampire's Kiss.
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