How can I broadcast video to my parents?
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What's a simple way to broadcast video of my new baby to my parents?

My wife is due to have a baby girl in a few days. I'd like to let my parents see the new baby via webcam soon after the birth since they can't visit for a while. I just need to broadcast video to them - we can do audio over the phone.

The problem is that my parents are not very good with computers. Ideally, I'd like to give them a link to some kind of browser based webcam client. Does such a thing exist?

Any other ideas for a one way video broadcast that might work here?

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It would be slightly delayed, but you can upload 10 minutes of video at a time to YouTube.
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I should have mentioned that I would prefer that it be a real time broadcast. I'd like to give them a chance to interact with the new baby as much as possible.
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Systems like ustream can work with pretty much any webcam, and you can archive the video as well. All it needs on your parent's end is Flash.
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I've been using a Logitech webcam and Skype to video conference with my parents and our 2 year old. It works well and it's easy to setup.
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A setup like Skype or Yahoo! that does user-to-user video would work, though yes, it would require them to install something, create an account, and connect with you.

I second baggers' recommendation for Ustream, which can get you live almost instantly and give your parents nothing more than a URL to visit. Videos can be archived, and there is an embedded chat room as well. Stickam is another popular site, though generally crawling with kids. BlogTV is popular with the blogging set... Justin.TV lets anyone be Justin...

Live video is the cat's meow right now, so your options are many. Certainly you'll find the right mix of ease of use, privacy settings, and features to meet your needs.
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Vawkr works well too. You don't need an account or anything to use Vawkr. Just go to the page, click "Grab a Room", and you're off. Obviously you need to have a webcam and have it configured and turned on, if appropriate. I use a Mac and it's just built right in and works flawlessly.
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I just set up a ustream account and it looks like it will do the trick nicely. Thanks for the help, everybody!
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