Where can I find an online map or atlas?
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I'd like to find a good map/atlas on the web.

I've looked on google many times, and I've never been happy.

I want it to be a click-n-zoom in and out map, or at least have continent/region/country/state levels.

I also think it should have a drag feature, or something where I can move from peru to columbia, say, without having to first zoom out to south america.

It should be a geopolitical type of map.

It should have a search feature, where I can type in the name of a city or something and it will automatically show me that. Like a smart globe which turns so that I'm looking at my request.

Does this exist? It should.
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I don't know about the web, but MS Encarta World Atlas was the first CDrom I ever got, and I love it. But I'm a map geek.
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good question

you can do it, guys, c'mon

[does raindance]
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Response by poster: Yeah, what lbergstr said. The fact that this thread goes nowhere just kind of reaffirms what I thought in the first place. So I guess the question is: How come no one can find a good website for map geeks?
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basically anything in the MrSID format would be great for what you are looking for. you can download the plugin from lizardtech.
i don't know about the search features, but you can pan around and zoom into specific areas.

in the past i have found this website very helpful. it also has mrsid files you can download.

also try doing a search for more mrsid maps.
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MapMachine from National Geographic is probably your best bet.
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Part of the issue is one of scope. Is there a place you would like maps for, or do you really just want this functionality for the entire surface of the planet? For example, there are maps of every town in Vermont that -- except for keyword functions -- do pretty much what you're looking for. My e-pal Jared is working on the Libre Map Project which tries to get that level of granularity in maps for the entire US.
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