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What are the best options for wireless original xbox controllers? Ditto for PS2?

You can imagine how staggeringly difficult this is to find via google. I have a 360, and its controller is great; I'd like something similar for my Xbox.

I've tried one aftermarket wireless controller, whose name I can't recall, but it was a lemon. It literally didn't work at all at any distance. I'd rather not repeat the experience. So, I'd like a quality wireless controller for these two consoles.
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I have a Logitech wireless controller for the original Xbox and it works perfectly. It's a bit smaller than the wired one but you get used to that. I haven't tested it from any long distances but it works fine from my TV to sofa (about 10 feet).
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I use a Logitech Precision wireless joypad to control XBMC on my old xbox. Its damn good for games too!
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The madkatz wireless for the original xbox is about the same size/shape as the later xbox controllers- the s-type ones. I liked those little ones better, anyways, since I'm a gal and the first generation of controllers were too big for my hands.
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I have a PS2 and love the Logitech Cordless Action Controller.
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I should probably have specified: It'd be ideal if I could buy the items so names without recourse to ebay (where the mean price for a unit has been ~$20 and the shipping $16-19... NUTS)
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I've had several of the madkatz units, and every single one had the right thumstick start to fail after just a few months. Makes the unit unusable. My two Logitech controlers are still going strong though, and have a more solid feel to them.
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The Logitech PS2 one is quite great, but sooner or later one of the buttons gets stuck down and then it's trash time. I've been through four.

Sony recently endorsed and began selling one of the third-party ones as an "original" official PS2 wireless, in yellow Sony PS2 packaging and all. It's not quite as slick as the regular wired PS2 one, but it's close. I'm using one now and hoping the buttons don't develop Logitech stickiness.
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I too would recommend the Logitech Precision.
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Okay, thanks.

That'll take care of my PS2 needs, at least.

I was hoping there was a way to retrofit the 360 controller to work with the original Xbox, but I guess not :)
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Another recommendation for the xbox Logitech controller. The batteries seem to last forever!
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Now if only I could find one. I don't suppose anyone has one they want to sell? :)
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