Is there an easy ranking system for Movable Type?
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I'm using Movable Type and would like to begin rating 800+ things on a scale of 1 to 100. I'm hoping to rate 3 a day. My question: Is there any easy way (through a plug-in, etc) to have these rankings automatically go in some type of database that someone can sort by ranking, year, genre, or any other field I wish to fill in?
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There are definitely some good plugins for rating stuff in MT, and with MT, everything gets stored in the database, so you can display it by any grouping you want using the same template tags you use to publish the rest of your blog.

If you want to add fields such as ranking, year, or genre, the MT Pro Pack which comes with paid licenses for MT 4.1, and was just released, makes it really easy to add all kinds of custom fields thatt just work in the same way as the rest of MT, and are seamlessly integrated. It'll even give you the code for the template tags to enter into your templates, so you don't have to figure that out on your own. The Movable Type Plugin Directory also has more options, and if you're looking for a plugin that lets visitors to your site do the ratings, there's also Mark Carey's excellent Ajax Rating plugin, which is actually used by the directory as well.

I work with the MT team and am happy to help out if I can, my email's in my profile.
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