Any Good User Support Groups for ACT! by Sage Software?
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Any Good User Support Groups for ACT! by Sage Software?

I'm having trouble right off the bat with my ACT! 2008 Contact management software, it took over 6 hours of remote support just to install on my machine. Now that I'm trying to use it, there are already error messages I can't resolve without a certified ACT! consultant. I'm computer savvy but this has got me licked. The Sage discussion board and knowledgebase absolutely STINKS. I've Googled and Googled to no avail to find a group with specific discussions about software problems.
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All the forums in this thread are golden. Ask the same question in all of them. Then check on the results tomorrow.
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Your best bet for support is really to contact an ACT certified consultant. I hate to say it, but it's true. We've been on ACT for about 10 years and when we upgraded to 2007, it was a disaster. The few active forums that are out there didn't really help, since most people were having the same problems I was and no one had any answers (this seemed to be the case for just about everyone's posts - questions with no answers). Tech Support was hours of futility.

I found a local consultant through the ACT website and that helped (somewhat). You don't have your location in your profile. If you're anywhere near the Twin Cities, I'll give you the name of the guys we worked with who were pretty good.

We're going to upgrade to 2008 in a month to see if that helps. I'm not hopeful.
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The contact management software? They have consultants for that?
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gjc: yes they do (like these folks), partially for the reasons given by schnee. Why people still buy ACT despite the reasons given by schnee is absolutely beyond me.
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Sushma: I just wanted to post a note of solidarity in the struggle against ACT! I too am mired in a life or death battle with that satanic program.

Hang in there.
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"Satanic Program"???? ROTFLMAO!

I tend to agree with you thedanimal. I'm having nightmares, it's ruining my life, the world is DOOMED I tell you!!!

Thank God I get a $100 rebate for this, I will need it for psychotherapy due to this horrendous lapse of professional judgement. I contend it is my MOTHER's fault.

Thanks for the advice, it is my sole mission to find out about this error message (which I have Googled until my fingers are raw and bleeding....)

"Could not load file or assembly 'Act.Framework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=ebf6b2ff4d0a08aa' or one if its
dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified."
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