Chevrolet Tracker Spark Plugs
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Changing sparkplugs: I have a 2003 Chevrolet Tracker, with an unusual ignition coil setup, and I want to learn how to remove the coils and access my plugs. (Pictures inside)

Typically spark plugs have a boot with a cable coming out of them, but my car has a different setup that is confusing me. On the top of my engine are 4 caps that seem to be covering the spark plugs. I wanted to know if I can just pull them off, or if there are special steps I have to take.

Also, I'm concerned about the clips on the side of the caps -- do I remove those first or do I just pull the whole assembly off? If anyone has changed their plugs on a Tracker, I'd be most grateful for your advice!

Picture 1: Overview of engine

Picture 2: Caps up close
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I happen to have a 2003 Tracker service manual handy. It says to just disconnect the electrical connector, remove the bolt and the ignition coil, then remove the plug. Give me a minute and I'll copy the relevant pages.
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Best answer: Here are the two pages that detail spark plug removal:
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Response by poster: These are awesome. Thank you so much! Where did you get that manual? Did you order it from GMC? I'd like to get a copy myself.
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I would guess we probably got it from Helm, but I'm not sure.
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For future reference, that kind of ignition system is called coil-on-plug or direct ignition, and is nearly ubiquitous on modern engines.
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