How can I convert book, movie and video game titles into their ASIN?
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Are there any web sites or programs that can convert a list of titles from books, movies and video games into their respective ASIN numbers from Amazon?

Is there any way to do it, outside of programming my own solution using Amazon Web Services? I don't want to look them up by their UPC or ISBN, but by their title.
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What OS?

For mac, I believe Delicious Library can do this. In theory, I would guess that you can import a list, have DL to its thang, and then export it back out into an excel sheet, which I imagine should have the ASIN numbers associated with it.

Apologies for the mislead if I am misunderstanding your query.
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OS X or Windows XP would be fine. I run Parallels on my iMac.

Delicious Library works, sort of. You still have to confirm each item even if there is only one result. Bruji handles this sort of thing quite well, but you have to buy a separate program for each media type.

I was just hoping for a more automated solution. Something similar to Dvd Aficionado's old Quick Import page. Unfortunately they no longer have that page up, so I can't show you a better example.
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