feminist-friendly erotica, do you exist?
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Hot, well-written feminist-friendly erotica on the internet: does it actually exist? My magic eight ball says "reply hazy, try again."

Thumbs up to all sexual orientations & identities (I'm as happy with vanilla sex-in-the-suburbs as polyamorous genderqueer strap-on sex; just as inclined to get off thinking about hetero love making with the lights lowered as I am airport gloryholes--so long as Larry Craig isn't in the other stall).

Thumbs down to power plays, s&m, nonconsensual-turned-consensual & rape fantasies, voyeurism, sex with anyone who thinks Ayn Rand should be shelved in the philosophy section, bad grammar, and slash/vampires/etc fantasy. Of course that's my personal preference; someone else may benefit from Objectivist erotica or good feminist Harry Potter s&m, so just label it NSF-the-OP, please!
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Take a look at Scarlet Letters. It's not being actively updated right now, but there's lots of stuff in the archives. The writing is good and the politics are right on -- and as for the hotness, you'll just have to judge for yourself.
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Open Source Sex podcast? Violet Blue has a bunch of links that may help you discover more.
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I've always liked cleansheets.com.
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Oh, with the caveat that sometimes there are S&M stories, but they're generally pretty light on the beatings and more into the psychology aspect.
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On Our Backs, perhaps?
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femmerotic.com is owned by the woman who published Scarlet Letters. Good stuff.
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femmerotic, sorry, link is not working above.
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Plaidder has some good stuff. Be warned that it's lesbian fiction, and that one of the books contains a rape scene. Very woman identified, though. :)
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Literotica. It's all user submitted content, but there's a strong culture of editing and review that keeps the bar quite high for grammar and writing quality.

The site is female-friendly (can't speak to whether that's the same as feminist-friendly) - at least two women of my acquaintance have been big fans. And while nearly all genres are represented, they're cleanly divided up, so you shouldn't have any trouble dodging the kinks that don't work for you and focusing on the ones that do.
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I'm sure Violet Blue will have some suggestions.
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Seconding Literotica.
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I would also suggest LustyLibrary, where most but not all is pretty good quality material. My only gripe with that site is the insistence of the editors that "come" be changed to "cum".
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The Erotica Readers & Writers website has fresh content every month, and a robust archives (the "Treasure Chest"). Writers there end up in print anthologies such as Best Women's Erotica, Mammoth anthologies, and other books.
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