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I need to make a presentation of some photos. I use a MacBook pro. I need some sort of Flash picture viewer, something slicker than iPhoto. It doesnt have to be for online, just something i can show people on the laptop. I have tried downloading Simple Viewer, and for the life of me can't get it to work. Is there something easier, with just a drag and drop your jpegs into a box style thing?
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Make sure you have the latest Simpleviewer. You can also try Bananalbum, which exports from iPhoto as well. Not sure if it allows drag into the app.
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Hey thanks the Deej. Two quick questions, one) it seems to reject some of my images, even tho they have the .jpg ending, just like the other pictures. two) how do i add txt to the images, like it does in the demo of the website. Sorry for my incompetence.
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Another option is to use Keynote, if you already have it. It's easy to drag & drop images onto slides, and you can have some fun with transitions and such.
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Have you used the slideshow viewer that is embedded in the OS? It isn't flash but it may accomplish what you want.

Put the pictures you want to display in a folder, select all, right or ctrl click then select slideshow.

There is a gallery view and you can skip forward and backward through the pictures.
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I was going to recommend the same thing as chillmost, but you can also put all your images into iPhoto if you want more options such as transitions and music.
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Definitely check out:
JustLooking (free)
PhotoPresenter ($8)

Also consider downloading a trail version of Photoshop CS3, which comes with Bridge, which has a cool slideshow mode, and is not disabled after the PS trial runs out.
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