Can you help me find some Warmbats?
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Does anyone know where I can find a pair of Warmbat Gecko Grip Tall boots in New York City. Further explanation inside...

I've recently moved to New York City from outside the United States, and am trying to find a pair of the boots linked above. I'm looking for boots with the Gecko Grip sole rather than the Kangaroo Classic sole. The boots have to be 'tall' (i.e. mid-calf) rather than 'short' (i.e. ankle boots). Unfortunately I can't order online because their website seems to reject non-US billing addresses when mailing goods within the US. And we've tried calling the NYC area stores listed on their store locator - they all seem to have shoes with the Kangaroo Classic sole, but not the Gecko Grip sole.

Are there any other avenues I can follow up to try and locate a pair of these strangely elusive shoes?

Thanks for any ideas!
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Not in NY but they ship.
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