health effects of low frequency sound
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What are some reputable resources on the deleterious health effects of low frequency sound / vibration?

Of course, if you think there are none and I'm a sprout eating, tinfoil-hatted addlepate, let me know about that, too... :-)
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Best answer: A Review of Published Research on Low Frequency Noise and Its Effects, especially chapter 13.
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there was a mythbusters episode about it. i believe they called it the "brown note." the episode recap from here says:

"This myth says there is a certain sound frequency that will make you lose control of your bowels. The mythbusters hired some of the best sound guys in the country to build speakers capable of making the sounds talked about in the myth - some audable, some not.

After much testing, this myth was busted. They were unable to find a sound frequency capable of making someone ruin a nice pair of pants."
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