I need corduroy!
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Where can I find wide-wale corduroy pants to fit leggy thin me?

I really like wide-wale corduroy pants. But I have been searching in vain for ones that fit me for the past four years. Thin-wale jeans-style corduroys exist, but the warm fuzzy wear-to-work kind? Invisible to my eye.

I need pants with a waist around 27-28", inseam at least 33". In girl-fashion-land this seems to often equate to a size 4 Tall, depending on the maker. I am willing to purchase corduroys made for men, but finding them in waist sizes smaller than 32" seems impossible.

So, anybody know where they've been hiding?
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Just took my tallish (5'7"), tiny (size 2) Mom to J.Jill and found her some nice cords (not super wide-wale, but chunkyish). She has no bum and long, thin legs and the pants fit pretty well.
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I think I saw something like that at Zara... Either way their cuts are perfect for tall thin girls.
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Response by poster: None of the J.Jill corduroys (online) appear to come in my size, and the last time I went there (after Christmas), the only ones that weren't the thin-wale jeans-style kind were of the cargo-variety.
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Response by poster: Also, I need something either local to the Pittsburgh area or online (which seems to knock out Zara).
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Brooks Brothers has women's wide-wale corduroy pants, although their online store only appears to have one color. Might be worth checking out their physical stores, though. Their regular sizes are cut for tall, thin women.
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Macy's seems to have some wide-wale corduroy pants in size 4. Hard to say if the length would work; they certainly look long on the seemingly leggy model. (They do seem to have the jeans form-factor, though.) Link.
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Best answer: Victoria's Secret
Ralph Lauren
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Response by poster: Both of those look like good chances, healthytext (although cream is a little bit . . . risky for my tastes. I'll end up with who knows what sorts of dirt on them). I can definitely risk $25 trying the VS ones.
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