Quicktime to high-res WMV conversion
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I need to transcode QuickTime files for Windows Media Pplayer that works on both XP and Vista. I know macs like the back of my hand, but SQUAT about windows.

I have high-res files QuickTime files exported from Final Cut Pro that need to be transcoded to WMV files. The Quicktime files come with a variety of codecs, from DV to HDV, to DVCPro. I need the best but cheapest solution for converting these files to High-Res WMV files. I'm using a PC machine running XP for the conversion. Any tools, tips, workflows, or codec suggestions would make me and my boss very happy :)
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I think the best option is to export from Final Cut Pro as uncompressed AVI. Then take this AVI file and load it into Windows Movie Maker (found on all XP machines) and then export as Windows Media Video.
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2nding rlef98, but use Windows Media Encoder.

No affilliation, but I like and use WME Assistant as a sort of easy frontend for reencoding MKV files to WMV-HD
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Sorensen Squeeze is a professional product for transcoding video.

If that is too pricey for your budget Any Video Converter is reported to be a good tool. Additional converters are listed in the comments at lifehacker.
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