Please help me find a temporary bike rack for my 1993 Saab 900 convertible.
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Please help me find a bike rack for my 1993 Saab 900 convertible.

Long term, I believe I need to have a hitch installed to avoid common pitfalls of trunk mounted bike racks. In the short term, though, I need a bike rack to transport my road bike and my mountain bike this coming Sunday. Unfortunately, I can not have a hitch installed before then. What would you suggest as a good compromise?

For a point of reference, the rear of my car looks much like this, but without the luggage rack. The luggage rack, ski rack, and bike rack intended for my car were, at some point, for sale, but I seem to be unable to find one available now. Bonus points if you can point me to where I can pick these accessories up.
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Are you planning on driving somewhere warmer? Because then I'll help look :)

If you have no luck here, have you tried asking folks over at saabnet?
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Have you considered a roof rack, such as those made by Yakima or Thule? These companies' websites will help you pick an appropriate model. If you have a little time, the things are often available on ebay.
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You devil, mikepop! This is only tangentially related to the Icycle Challenge. I just found a regular daily ride during my work week. I'll ask at Saabnet if this fails.

jon1270, a roof rack is a bit difficult on a convertible. :-)
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Just leave the top down and put the bikes in the back seat.
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Try Chip Lamb at West of Sweden. If he can't find it, it's not findable in the US. If you can deal with ordering from Sweden, check out Saabklubben. Many of us vintage Saab owners get parts from there. Email Rolf Jensen if you need help. You can pay with Pay Pal. You should be able to get parts in about a week. I think this page gets you to the catalog for the 900.
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Oops. Convertible. Heh...
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