Where to find radiator covers?
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Looking for floor type radiator heat covers. Where can I find them?

I am looking for the floor type radiator covers. You know the ones, roughly 8" tall, beige or grey in colour, and about 1 1/2" in depth.

After several years, they get dented, they get discoloured, and they just get ugly. I am redoing a room in my house, and would like to find something that looks good, and CAN BE RETROFITTED.

Bonus points for those aluminum radiant fins that can be retrofitted on the piping as well. I seem to hit dead ends on this no matter where I go.

Any hive dwellers ever need this type of product for their hives?

I should differentiate; I am not seeking the larger radiator (approximately 36" tall, 8 or so inches in depth). I have found those on the 'net. They are normally wood and wood lattice and can be made to look very nice. If I could find something like that....

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You want to search for baseboard heater covers, baseboard being the key search word. There are some good looking ones out there - wood and steel.
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We have 2 standard radiator covers from The Wood Radiator Cabinet Company that are stunning. They also make baseboard covers (select Our Products>Baseboard Covers).
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This is a list of radiator cover suppliers from Old House Web.
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