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Medical School Interview (MMI Style) Tips?

My girlfriend, let's say Purple Pamplemousse, is applying to med school and has been offered an interview at a Canadian school in the prairies. The format is MMI (multiple mini interviews) where she visits 10 stations, each with a written question she has 2 minutes to read and formulate a response to and 8 minutes to discuss with the interviewer.

PP's had plenty of experience with panel-style interviews (jobs, etc) but none of this type.

Any tips as to how the interviews are structured? Is it a conversation, or a monologue? Any excellent web-sites? Thus far she has only found ones offering attire tips, and comments about shaking hands firmly.

Thank you!
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Have you come across the Canadian Premed Boards yet? I don't frequent the interview section much anymore, but there is a forum dedicated specifically to med school interviews, as well as forums for each med school. I've seen posts about the MMIs come up in there.
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