Finding candy corn in February?
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Is there anywhere online where I can order candy corn off-season?

The girlfriend likes candy corn. A lot. I was hoping to surprise her by sending her some for Valentine's day, but I can't find anyone online who supplies it in the off-season. Am I SOL? Are there people who supply something that is Valentines-themed but basically tastes like candy corn?
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I don't know if you can buy it, but you can make it yourself. Ambrosia Voyeur posted that link a while ago.

I tried it. It's actually really easy and kind of fun (and, for your own purposes, it'd be really easy to just make candy hearts and other Valentine shapes). It turns out tasting like regular candy corn, only slightly less like plastic.
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On ebay

On Amazon

From JellyBelly
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Here you go: ten pounds worth.

They also have smaller packages, but why skimp for Valentine's Day?
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Six pounds for 9.54. You can also get it in a 30 lb variety, but they do get stale after a while.
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Also here.
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I see candy corn in stores year round. Both JellyBelly and Farley's make small packages that I see in drugstores and cornerstores year round. Yeah, I like candy corn a lot, too.
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Arnicae - That metrocandy link you provided said it was out of stock, which is the problem I kept running into (I imagine a lot of places don't go back in stock until August or whenever Halloween starts). The amazon link works though, thanks!

Ms. Saint - Ooh, I may have to try that for brownie points, although I'm fairly incompetent.

Kimdog - I thought I did too, but I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere and neither wal-mart or hy-vee seems to carry it.

Thanks everybody!
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I just saw some pink/red/white Valentine versions this afternoon at the WalMart here. Not sure if there's a flavor difference or not, I know I got some Christmas themed corn a year or two ago that was minty horrible.
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Farleys (Sathers) has it year round in those 1 for 59 cents, 2 for a dollar bags. Unless you're trying to give her pounds and pounds of it, it seems like that would be the easiest way.

Check your local convenience store.
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Oriental Trading. Search for 'candy corn' and give her a whole slew of not only the corn, but candy corn themed stuff. Stuff you didn't even think would possibly be themed, like metal brads.
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Oriental Trading comes through again. I must remember to get some of the glass candy corn (!) for my anti-Valentine.
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