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iPhone Sync Help - I am helping move my wife to a new computer. She currently syncs her iPhone to the older XP computer. She wants to sync her iPhone on the new Vista computer. What is the best way to do this transition to ensure we do not lose her contacts and other non-music information?
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Best answer: It should be no problem. Just install iTunes on the new computer and plug the iPhone in. It should ask you if you want to now sync the iPhone with the new computer; say yes. Then it will ask you something to the effect of "put all the contacts / other info from the phone onto the computer?", and you choose "yes", and it's done.

Basically, the software makes it hard to inadvertently erase all your contacts. It anticipates this situation.

(Caveat: I've only done this on a mac; the software on a PC might be slightly different.)

I'd keep the old XP machine around, though, just in case.

Also, note that this method won't transfer the music from one computer to the next; you'll need to do that by hand.
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Response by poster: Seems to have worked. I wish you could flip through the contacts within iTunes to be sure, but it did sync and backup. Thanks!
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