Need a PITBULL laywer north of San Fransisco please
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My sister is in Petaluma CA and needs a divorce laywer...a classic legal pitbull would be best.

There is a lot of money involved and to give you an idea, right now, our father is sending her money because the husband refuses to. She's sleeping on various couches because he won't pay for an apartment or hotel and won't let her stay at the house.

While all the suggestions to "work it out nicely" are just ain't gonna happen...not with the narcissistic asshat she married. There was a previous post, but it was on the other side of SF and only two suggestions.

Thanks for the help.
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I'm from Santa Rosa and in the interest of full disclosure: my dad is a lawyer, one of his officemates is a family law/divorce attorney. He's very good and I've known him for 15+ years but I'm not sure I would call him a pitbull. I can however, ask him/my dad for recommendations if you want. My email is in my profile.
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You might ask for a referral from Hersh Family Law. They do many cases with lots of money (millions) involved.
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Thank you nerdcore and ClaudiaCenter...her mentioning that she was getting a lawyer got funds "suddenly" she's at a hotel for now...we'll be making sure she calls Tuesday!
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Lawyer? Funds? Found? Call the cops, and kick HIS ass out of the house. That's more normally the case. Latter you can get the lawyer to make HIM beg for funds. I'm usually sympathetic to men in divorce cases, but this just sounds nasty.
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I'm totally with you there Goofyy :) For various reasons, its much better for her out of the house...but I appreciate the sentiment!
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Call the cops, and kick HIS ass out of the house.

If they both own the house, neither one can unilaterally kick the other one out.
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