What goods from the US should I sell in the UK?
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I currently sell stuff (gun accessories, scopes, targets, etc) purchased wholesale in the US retail in the UK through Ebay. I want to expand the product line - what other items would be good to sell in the UK? Preferably something small to ship of high value that is not super competitive like computer parts or cameras. What would UK buyers like from the US?
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The OH says "fishing tackle - lures, braid, left-hand wind multipliers at great prices would sell really well on Ebay UK".
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My nephew was bugging me to bring him back camera lens when I returned home to the UK this Christmas. I'm sure the same equipment is available in the UK but the prices are much lower in the US.
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Graphics cards. With the UK pricing they pretty much just replace the $ with a £ eg.

$499 vs £469 (and thats with £100 off)
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Almost any software you care to mention is double the price in the UK, I still find it amazing that here we are in 2008 and it's still invariably cheaper for me to have someone ship a box 5000 miles rather than just purchase and download software online.
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Certain niche foods that are hard to obtain in the UK and which could command a reasonable premium. Tootsie Rolls or Red Vines, for example.
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Not very high value, but I would have to agree with the foods. I can get a lot of foods here in the UK, but there are a couple of things I have to ask my mom to send me.

Abercrombie and Fitch is very popular here as well. They have one store in London but all the clothes cost twice as much. Things like high-end makeup (Lancome, MAC etc) are also nearly double in price here. I spend hundreds of dollars on makeup when I go home, to stock up.

The only other thing I can think of is electronics, which can be half price in the states, as mentioned above.
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Red Vines

Package this with Mr. Pibb. Crazy delicious!

I'm only half-joking. Maybe some Brits who are fond of viral videos might want to taste this for themselves.
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Beware: the import of trademarked goods for further trade without the permission of the mark holder may be illegal (Trade Marks Act 1994 s 10(4)(c)). The first-sale doctrine does not always apply internationally.
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Zojirushi Mr Bento Lunch Jars would prove very popular. I have never seen one for sale in the UK.
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Last time I was over in the UK, I was slightly appalled at the high price of what would be considered middle-of-the-road name-brand shoes here in the U.S. I remember jokingly saying that if I had packed a bag full of Timberland boots, I could have bankrolled my whole trip.

Obviously that requires a certain grasp of what's fashionable, and I have no idea what the competition is like (maybe others have filled the discount-shoes niche that my relatives just weren't aware of), but it struck me as a pretty massive price discrepancy.
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Grouse, I think those trade restrictions apply to goods imported to the US, stbalbach is looking to export.

It's also worth mentioning that a lot of manufacturers don't support 'grey' imports and so may not honour the product warranty internationally.
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Lanark, I am talking about restrictions applying to goods imported into the UK. This is why I cited the UK statute which enacts those restrictions.
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