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Other than #mefi, Are there any chat rooms or chat services still out there not full of spambots?

I know the question was asked years back, but there seem to be very limited chat spaces and since I won't be able to go out for a bit, I thought I'd query the hivemind.
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Best answer: I've had good experiences setting up chatrooms on Buzzen and Sparkpea.
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I hesitate to mention this, because it may not be a useful answer to you, but it may be of interest.

the very nerdy xkcd has recently implemented an experimental bot moderator to keep the signal/noise ratio low. Regardless of whether it fits your needs, it's an interesting concept. Read about it on the xkcd blog. I've never logged into the channel, but I expect the chat skews towards technical topics.
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I can't do ratios
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i think you want to keep the SNR ratio high..
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Freenode isn't that bad, althought there are a lot of highly opinionated, self righteous, college student geeks on there. Most of the channels are quite technical (#java, #apache, etc) but there are more general interest channels (#photography for example) as well.
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If you're interested in roleplaying, Darkmyst.org is a medium sized (2k-3k, I think) network. The y also have lots of UO shard channels, and as far as I remember worth1000.com hosts their irc there if you're a member. There seem to be very few problems, except for an occasional (maybe once a month) small netsplit, and pretty much no spambots.

Here's a list of public channels there:
Dynamically Generated Channels List
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