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Assuming I'm moving to a different work computer (possibly at a new job, heh): What would be the easiest, most compact way to save a list of the hundreds of links on My Favorites to access on the new computer?
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File --> Import and Export follow the wizard on IE. Manage bookmarks --> Export on Firefox.
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Legends speak of an antique device borne from man called the floppy diskette.
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Response by poster: Okay, I'm a techno-idiot:

Last time I used floppies, it took a few of them. Is there a way to bypass floppies? Like, copy the URLs out to a huge e-mail or something?

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Shane, if each link takes up 2kb, 2048 bytes (which is generous in the extreme), you should still be able to get about 700 on a floppy disk, or one metric asston on one of those cheap USB keychain drives.
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Shane: I'd be amazed if you had that many favorites. When you export them they'll be saved as an html file. That file can be e-mailed to yourself, burned to disk, uploaded to a server, punched on cards, stored on tape, any number of things. If the file really is that large I'd upload it to a server or e-mail it to a gmail account or other account with a lot of storage. Another thing you could do would be to upload it to a free bookmark manager service like linkagogo.com and then download it when your at your new computer.
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Thanks, folks. Last time I did this it took at least two discs. I'm sure I saved them as HTML files, as the only other dropdown choice was *all*. I'll check out linkagogo.com. Anything with "a-gogo" in the name is good, it's underused these days.
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Hey, who the hell is shane-a-gogo?
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Your favorites/bookmarks should compress pretty well with zip, so you ought to be able to get them all on one floppy.

Frankly, though, if you think you need two floppies' worth of bookmarks, you are probably mistaken. I stopped bookmarking so many things when I realized that 99.44% of the sites I bookmarked I never returned to. And I stopped bookmarking the rest when I realized it was just as easy to autocomplete the URL as it was to find the site I wanted on a long scrolling menu.
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I haven't had a computer with a floppy drive in years. But I moved the favorites folder to my USB flash drive and then onto my computer. Now I'm on Macintosh, I keep them in sync with iSync. And no, n*sync is not among my bookmarks.

And what kindall said about zipping one's favorites folder to fit onto a single diskette.
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Open iSync, click .Mac, then check the box for "synchronize safari bookmarks". Easy as pie.
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Response by poster: Thanks again. I, um, didn't compress 'em before I put 'em on the floppies last time.
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