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Xbox Filter: Does the black controller for the Xbox 360 really have better grip than the white one that comes with the Pro version? I'm debating weather or not the $50 is worth spending on a black one.
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I don't think it has better grip, but I do notice that the seam where my fingers end up on the back is much less sharp. That might just be a random manufacturing thing.
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Well, if you're going to buy a second controller anyway, you might as well get a black one.

But if you're considering spending fifty bucks just to improve the grip on your Xbox 360 controller, you've either got a lot more disposable income than I do, or you're a lot more serious about Xbox playing.
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If you just want a controller with better grip, just buy some hockey grip tape at a sports store for $3.

If you want a second controller, why not pickup a black one, so you can test it, if you like the white one better, the guests can use the black one. I have both and use both, and don't notice a difference.
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do any of the third-party controllers have a better d-pad?

i need something better for Virtua Fighter, but don't particularly feel like dropping $60 on the hori stick for one game
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I have the white controller which came with the console and a black controller I bought for myself.

I really did not feel any difference in the grip. I also do not know how it is that you're looking for a better grip. It's a controller, not a baseball bat. You don't swing it around, you don't squeeze the heck out of it, you just hold it. There are no significant differences between the two controllers.
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I have both, while i like the black one better i don't think it has better grip.
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I like the white kind the best, the surface texture is more grippy methinks.
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I've spent the last 10 minutes comparing a White and Black controller and I can find absolutely no differences between the two, except for the color. I think if you buy a black controller intending to have a better grip, you will be seriously disappointed. Try the hockey tape first.
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I think I'll just keep it around for a 3-player round then, cause I bought the black one because I thought the Xbox 360 only came with one controller, and I wanted my girlfriend to be able to play (yes, she's now addicted to Halo 3, SCORE!) I'm about to hook up with Xbox Live---anybody have any experiences with that yet, particularly Halo Live?
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Halo over Live works pretty well. One recommendation I'd make is that if you don't have open NAT when you go to connection settings, open up the ports in your'll make matchmaking a lot easier. You'll want to open UDP ports 88 and 3074 and TCP port 3074.
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