Whip-Whop: Wrapping luggage at Heathrow?
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Can I get a piece of luggage wrapped in plastic at Heathrow terminal 3?

At many airport terminals you can pay someone to enshroud a suitcase or bag in tough, cling film-y material. Will I have luck finding this service at Heathrow terminal 3? I've never noticed it there, but then, I've never looked.
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I've never seen it at a British airport.
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I fly in and out of T3 a few times a month and I know there *was* one right by check in zone C or D but last time I was there I don't remember seeing it. In fact, I have a vague recollection of saying to myself "Huh, the wrap machine thingy is gone." There's a lot of construction going on there though so it might just be temporary. When do you leave? I'm flying out of T3 in a week and a half and can look for you. If you need the answer sooner, you might try the true flying nerds over at Flyertalk.
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The only airport I've ever seen this at is Johannesburg's. I've never bothered using it though, as it doesn't offer that much extra protection, other than being a deterrent to the odd pilfering baggage handler.
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In many countries, this kind of wrapping is prohibited as it makes it impossible for people to search your luggage.
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Response by poster: I leave tomorrow, but thanks for the offer, LWkid. I was going to use it not as protection but to provide reinforcement for a sort of tattered bag. I'll probably just use a better bag.
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Terminal 4 has one in arrivals, fifty feet to your left if you're standing at the Starbucks counter.

It's a stand located just outside the lost-baggage desk, next to the hallway that leads to the BA Executive Club arrivals lounge. It seems to be part of a concession that sells bag accessories, straps, tags, etc. to those waiting to find their luggage.

I'd bet that there's one in T3 in a similar place.
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