Boston Neurologist Request
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Does anyone know a neurologist in the Boston, MA area that they have had good experiences with?

(this is for a friend) The presenting problem is seizures that, at one time, were well controlled by medication, but now seem to have returned, possibly because this person is entering menopause. She would prefer not to pick someone out of the phonebook; I told her I was sure someone would have a recommendation. I hope I'm right.
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i've was treated in boston at mass general for a brain tumor. everyone i've worked with have been great. i was there for radiation oncology, so i used a doc in that department: jay loeffler. i also work with a endocrinologist who is awesome and also with mass general: lisa nachtigall. i'm not sure if these are helpful, but there ya go.
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I recommend Carolyn Bernstein of the Cambridge Health Alliance. She treated me for possible temporal lobe epilepsy and interpreted my EEG. She's very personable and also experienced. She told me she had investigated some kind of Japanese videogame that was causing seizures through flashing lights. Google says she's now started a headache center for women.
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My sister has epilepsy and lives in Somerville. She strongly recommends Dcotor David Ring. His nurse is a bitch but he is incredibly good and a decent guy. He works at the Epilepsy Clinic at MGH, she has no idea if he's taking new patients.
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