Can't a girl get her upgrade?
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Is the iPod touch update out in the UK yet? Because I can go to it on the itunes store, but it seems to be completely greyed the *((&! out!

Got used iTouch, reset it to factory settings, no worky. It says "not now" or "remind me later" and doesn't give me a buy option. How do I buy this? I want my Google Locate!
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Not sure whether or not it is out in the UK, but some people stateside are having troubles with the update. The trials and tribulations (including an elaborate work-around) are described here.

The basic gist is that iTunes 7.6 needs to be installed first, but YMMV.
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I installed it yesterday, after upgrading to iTunes 7.6. The process was very s l o w, I assume because Macworld is going on and everybody's downloading the upgrade right now. Maybe try when most of the U.S. is asleep?
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The Haddock has it, and many thanks.

May I note that the upgrades are awesome, my other half is playing with google maps right now, and the install went very smoothly.

I do hope my money will be refunded, though!
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I just updated my own Touch. Holy crap! The new programs are great!
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