How to get tickets to an invite-only debate?
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How can I get tickets to the Democratic debate in Los Angeles on January 31, 2008?

It's in the Kodak Theater. Their site says that the debate is by invitation only. How do I go about getting myself invited?
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Best answer: Find friends of friends that know the political units or production managers from CNN or the LA Times. Are you an influential blogger? Somehow associated with The Huffington Post or DailyKos? That might get you in too.
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There'$ one $ure way of $coring an invite to the$e $ort$ of thing$. Write a big enough check and you'll have an invite before you can say "why did I want to go to this again?"
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Response by poster: Sigh. So what you're saying is, I'm not getting an invite, huh? Oh well. I don't suppose either of you are associated with The Huffington Post or DailyKos?
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Do you want to go to watch? Or do you want to go to protest?
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Back in '04 I tried to get tickets to the Bush/Kerry Presidential Debate here in the University of Miami (Florida)... It was not an easy task; and I never did get them...

I E-mailed the President of the University of Miami and was told that limited tickets were available to students of the University (I attended another University in town); I then E-mailed the Mayor of Miami-Dade County which had personally called me once before about a public transit issue a while back; he called me back and said he would look into getting me tickets to the debate. I received a call the day before the debate from his assistant saying he did his best in trying to get tickets on behalf of the mayor and was unsuccessful.

The Democratic Debate is probably easier to get into but if it's anything like the Presidential Debate then good luck...

Best bet is to contact local government officials or the state and local Democratic Party offices.
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These things are big deals for the folks who regularly volunteer and/or work in the state Democratic Party; a chunk (if not the majority) of tickets are probably set aside to reward folks who've been toiling in the trenches for a while. If you don't know anyone in the media you can beg a ticket from, the best way to get a ticket is almost certainly to contact the California Democratic Party now. You have two weeks to get to know someone or make yourself useful enough to earn a ticket if someone who's due one has to drop out at the last minute due to illness, someone with a pair has their friend get sick, there happen to be some leftover tickets set aside the night before the debate, etc.
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Best answer: The official ticket lottery is at and you can enter yourself and your friends there. It's two tickets per entry.
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Response by poster: Spec80 gets a best answer for mailing me to let me know about calwatch, and possibly hooking me up. You guys are awesome.
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