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Old school question here, folks, but can anyone recommend a good landline (not cordless) phone for an office setting? I had an AT&T 955, but it's gone buggy (buzzy, actually) on me. I like the aesthetics of it otherwise, but if anyone has any ideas...
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I know almost nothing about phones and not much about your needs, but I've got a Panasonic HAC VB-44225-B right next to me that seems to be cutting the bacon. Not sure if that helps.
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Oops. Looks like it needs some kind of special digital line. Probably not helpful then. Sorry.
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I'm in the same boat... looking back at the days of a nice western electric phone we used to have... built to last. I need one for extensive conference calls from home office. May want to use a headset.
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Polycom. They make awesome phones of solid construction with great features especially speaker phones. Check here. Scroll down.
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Seconding Polycom. My SE-225 is a lifesaver for conference calls -- it's a fabulous individual speakerphone (also comes with a switchable rear mic in case you occasionally have several people "around"). No special phone line required, I've even hooked it up to Skype via a hardware adapter.
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thanks for the polycom tip... kanuck, if you're still looking, what skype adapter did you use?
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