How can I replicate data between several IIS 6.0 WebServers ?
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IIS 6.0 Replication/Failover Software Suggestion/Recommendations ?

I'm looking for a software application that does real-time/on demand file and metabase replication between four IIS 6.0 webservers. I know of xosoft's WANsyncHA products, does anyone else have any other recommendations ? I have an F5 BigIP 1500 LTM handling the load balancing of the network traffic, but need a package that can replicate file level changes and the entire IIS 6.0 metabase.
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Would Microsoft application center do this? I havent used it since Windows 2000, but I thought that was a part of its primary function. Maybe just the files, not the metabase though.

It might also be worth looking at MS scripting tools. There are tools to extract/import the metabase. You might be able to kludge something pretty simple together yourself. It's easy to corrupt the metabase though, so I would tread carefully.

Sorry I can't provide something more constructive.
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