A Little Beauty Help for an African Queen?
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Manchester, NH: Where can I find beauty salons that cater to African hair (braids, weaves, extensions, texture)?

I'm helping someone who is moving to Manchester, New Hampshire. She's black and looking for salons that can do black hair. So far my google-fu and superpages are coming up short. Is there anyone who can help?

She doesn't know her way around, so names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, would be really helpful. If you know their hours, even better.
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These places are in Massachusetts, but Google says they're near Manchester.
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You could call the Michael's School of Hair and ask (in nearby Bedford).
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Best answer: (I'm from that part of the world -- has your friend been there? She knows it's less than 1 percent black, right? Just so she's prepared.)

Whoa -- lookee what I found on the UNH website (the area codes aren't listed for New Hampshire but it's 603):

Beauticians who specialize in Black Hair Care
TEL # 868-7363
J.C. Penney Hair Salon (Newington Mall)
Cathy Thorbes
TEL# 433-1892

Marlene at Sugarz Salon, Kittery- Maine
TEL # 207-439-1900

Leroy's Styles, LLC "A Touch of Diversity"
A multicultural hair shop, facial waxing and much more
Men's cuts, Fades, Line-ups Afro Cleanup
Women's cuts, style, color, Highlights
Children's cuts
TEL# 692-9999 Dover/Somersworth
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Here's the page from UNH -- it has other resources listed, too.
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Re: previous comment. Malden & Lynn are in the Boston area, and are really a pain to get to if you don't have a car. Your friend might as well go into Boston itself, where there are tons of African hair places.

Re: Manchester. I grew up there, though I haven't lived there for a while now. I'm white so I don't have any particular suggestions, but I have no doubt that African hair salons exist, albeit not listed on the internets. There's a relatively big Sudanese population in Manchester these days. If she really need to find a salon before she gets there, maybe one of these organizations can help.
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Web site for Leroy's Styles. Unfortunately Somersworth is an hour's drive from Manchester. But maybe they know who's around in Manchester.
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