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"Photoblogging" software written in perl?

I hate PHP with a passion that could light London, but I'd love to do something along the lines of Satan's Laundromat or ten years of my life. Is there any software out there, written in perl or python, that can manage a photo-only, daily entry weblog? I'm looking for something a little different from gallery/thumbnail software, I think. Should I give up looking and just write it myself?
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I'm not entirely clear on what the technical difference is between "photoblogging" and just plain "blogging", apart from the fact that you post pictures more often than not. Can you just use an existing piece of software like MT? Or are you just looking for something with a dead simple interface that does just this one thing?
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both of the photoblogs you mention use movable type... are you looking for something different?
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Tangentially, why do you hate PHP?
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I'm looking for a dead simple interface. MT seems way too large & convoluted for my basic, low-key attempt at getting to know my camera better.

signal: PHP has always struck me as an insecure, poorly designed language. This is a good summary.
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I got an IM from AIM screenname semisophos, who lacks a MeFi account, with this answer:

"Check out Blosxom at -- it's a single perl script that's, in a word, zen. Entries are stored as plain text files, categories are handled by creating normal folders. This reliance on the host's filesystem, instead of trying to invent its own database format or use one of the *SQL's, gives rise to a product that is remarkably simple, powerful, and easy to use.

"It should be nearly trivial to set up Blosxom to where all you need to do is drop the image into a folder of your choice and it's published."
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That looks like exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks semisophos and revgeorge.
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