Nokia's Exchange Mail as a bridge to iCal work sync
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I use Nokia's Exchange Mail push technology on my E61i. Pretty happy with how it works. I am considering getting a new MacBook. Given the luck of any more reliable means of syncing my iCal with work's Exchange, (no, Entourage is not an option) I was wandering if any one has experienced with the Nokia phone working as a bridge between iCal and Exchange. I hope to sync my iCal with the phone and the phone should automatically should replicate the events to exchange. Sounds like it should work?
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you'd be much better off with entourage, even the 2004 version syncs very well with exchange and 2008 seems to be pretty good so far
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the 2004 version is PowerPC so it is slooooowwww... have you tried opening a large HTML message on that thing? The new version is suppose to resolve that issue but I am a big fan one task apss. iCal for calendar, Address Book for contact and Mail for email. Been sing the Mail app from home and the capability really quickly search all my Exchange mail is really cool. The Win Office search integration sucked royally.
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I can't say enough bad things about Apple's SyncServices technology. If you need this to actually work, rather than be a fruitless hobby that eats hours and makes you cry twice a week, I'd recommend removing iCal and other Apple products from the equation completely.

That said, you are going to run into problems if you change items frequently. Edits are date stamped but when you sync to the phone the date on the phone version of the edit is the sync time. You will end up losing recent edits to items if you go with your plan.
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