Bomber? WWIII? Someone ejects? Help me remember this movie.
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A bomber movie - I remember it from childhood. WWIII, drama, I'm pretty sure it was in color.

I remember this movie from my childhood that starts out with a B-52 bomber (I think) delivering its payload, and then the crew dealing with their new reality that, since WWIII has started, there's really nowhere for them to land - or really even exist. One crew member ejects to his death (supposedly), and the other crew members keep flying.

I also remember in this movie that the president survives whatever attack occured, but is injured. That's about all I can remember. But this movie has been plaguing my mind lately, and I want to see it again.

I know for a fact it isn't Fail Safe, The Day After (1983, Jon Lithgow), or Dr. Strangelove.

Anyone got any idea what this could be called? I seem to remember something about a title - "The Rockets' Red Glare" or something? IMDb has not been so helpful, nor has The Google. I checked for several possible titles, but "The Rockets' Red Glare" definitely ain't it.
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Was it By Dawn's Early Light?
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By Dawn's Early Light.
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Five minutes after I posted, I had a brilliant spot of light in my eye - and I remembered the name of the movie!

It's called By By Dawn's Early Light, starring Rebecca De Mornay, James Earl Jones, et al.

As I was typing this, nathan_teske and fearfulsymmetry also remembered it! thanks!
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Ha, I was talking about this with a friend just about the time you posted this. Good film.
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