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Can I send someone a YouTube video without the comments?

Recently I've seen a few videos dealing with politics and politicians on YouTube that I'd like to share with family members, though I know they'd be displeased with the language contained in the comments or perhaps imagine that I'm really just interested in having them read the comments rather than just viewing the video. I know we're all grownups, bad words are just words, and the internet is a wild and crazy place, but is there anyway I can just send someone a video without "FUCK u stupid REPUBLITHUGS u are ruin r country u NAZI dickweeds" being seen immediately under the video window?
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Not that I know of, but you could start a blogspot blog just for this purpose and embed the videos, no links.
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I use a Firefox extension called Video Downloader to save video to my hd. Then you could email directly.
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Both suggestions above are good. beaucoupkevin's idea is the one I came in here to suggest.
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I use a similar Firefox extension called UnPlug to download .flv files, you could UnPlug and e-mail. (They will probably also want VLC or similar to play them in.)
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beaucoupkevin has the winner.
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Best answer: This is a little URL trick.
You would normally send this URL to them:

Replace the "watch?v=" with "v/" and send this one:
It gives a video player the size of the browser - no comments, ads, or related videos on the side.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the ideas. I'd like to download Video Downloader but I can't seem to get the sandbox function to pop up in my preferences. Milkrate's idea seems to work well with the least amount of effort.
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Milkrate just missed an awesome opportunity to rickroll a bunch of people, while also being helpful.
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If you don't want to mess with the URL, you can use to generate a clean version with no comments/ads. Works for Google Video too.
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