I cannot figure out how to share a Mozilla Sunbird calendar so that I can view and make changes from different computers.
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I just downloaded Mozilla's Sunbird calendar. I cannot figure out how to share the calendar so that I can view and make changes at work and at home.

I set up a free account here as suggested here but it doesn't seem to work. I realize it's buggy but I'd like to give it a whirl.
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hmm... I just tried it out and it seems to work for me.

I signed up at icalcx.com, then told mozilla calendar to export my event to http://icalx.com/public/jac/crank.ics. And now it shows up when I view the html calendar on their site. I don't have another computer handy with which I can try to view a remote calendar, though. Are you at least getting that far? The "publish calendar" dialog box doesn't say if it failed or succeeded for me.

Odd, though, that it didn't ask me to log in when I published the event. I wonder if it just used the credentials that I used when I signed into icalcx with firefox (I'm using the mozilla calendar plugin, not the standalone version) , or if anyone can publish events as me. (I'm assuming the former.)
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I am using the Firefox extension.

1) prefrences, publishing, default remote filename = http://icalx.com/public/bpenguin/bent.ics
2) tools, subscribe to remote calendar = error

I will uninstall and try again later, frustration setting in...
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Wow, so once you've imported it, you can edit events and add them and it will automatically publish it back to the server. Very slick.

Sorry it's not working for you. (I guess my talking about how cool it is probably isn't helping...)
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And if it matters, firefox 0.9, under linux. And I'm using the 6-18-2004 nightly build of the calendar plugin.
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