Help me move to a new host
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My boss assigned me the task of moving his churches web site to our own server. LINK our server currently has 2 other pages hosted on it with Server 2003 and IIS. I created a new website in IIS and have copied the the original website files to our server.

I found that its registered with I have access to the domain settings PICTURE HERE and changed the IP address to ours, but what do I do from here, and I have an EPP Code, but what do I do iwth it.
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It looks like the DNS change has taken, but there's no default document in there.

IIS looks to default.htm by deafult, where apache looks for index.html (massive generalization) You need to add some more default documents in IIS.

It seems to work when I go to
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Set default document in IIS 6
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Thanks so much advicepig, that worked wonderfully, all I had to do was add index.html to the default documents
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Looks like it's working now.
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