Gemstones for Fertility
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Are there any gemstones/crystals that are traditionally tied to increasing fertility?

A friend is struggling with fertility issues. I realize rocks are not magic. I am not asking what gemstones will actually make a friend get pregnant. I am asking what gems traditionally have been associated with fertility or increasing the likelihood of bearing children.

I don't have any cultural preference, anything from eastern to african to native american, any would be welcome. The more background the better.

I have googled but it seems to be all over the place, with practically every gem being mentioned somewhere as "for fertility".

I would be most interested in responses from people with some sort of interest in gemstones or crystals.
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Best answer: I have no interest in gemstones or crystals, but I do find your question entertaining/intriguing. A bit of research indicates:

Rose Quartz crystals (add to your bedroom or wear on your body- Asian tradition says that they alone increase fertility, western suggests they are for compassion and emotional healing)
Moonstones (balance hormones and increases 'feminine' energy)
Amethyst (heals the wearer and increases fertility)
Carnelian (increases creativity and fertility)
Jade (protection and luck)
Unakite (protects and balances the immune system)

Bonus points if any of the above are shaped like an elephant or Kwan Yin, who both promote fertility. Incidentally, Kwan Yin is supposed to be the most popular goddess in Asia. Crystals shaped like rabbits are apparently also helpful. You can even keep the status of Kwan Yin after you conceive because she also protects the souls of children!

Seems like common wisdom is what works for one wearer may be *very* different from what works for another. Your friend may have to experiment around to see what she likes. A lot of people feel like you should mix them together for the right cocktail of crystals, a few think that mixing them is problematic. Best of luck!
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After my sister got a peridot pendant she started squirting babies like crazy. Although I'm pretty sure it had more to to with her quitting the pill you have your anecdotal evidence right there. Peridots are real pretty too.

The internets seems to agree on the green stones being the best for fertility. Spring, rebirth and all that...
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As a preface, I don't believe in magic stones either. As you've noticed, there are no lack of stones guaranteed to provide luck, protection and fertility.

That being said, fertility is stongly associated with the goddess Venus - she appears as the Empress in the modern Tarot, and is usually shown as being great with child. Venus is associated with the color green, so really, just about any green stone should be suitable.

Going back to the medieval grimoires, Agrippa lists the following stones as venereal: the Berill [beryl], Chrysolite, Emrald [emerald], Saphir [sapphire], green Jasper, Corneola [carnelian], the stone Aetites, the Lazull [lazuli] stone, Corall, and all of a fair, various, white, and green Colour.

I'll see if I can't find something more specific to fertility when I get home from work.
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Best answer: A geode placed in the bedroom is said to increase fertility, as is a red garnet placed over the reproductive organs. (These according to Cunningham's Encylcopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic, and Color and Crystals by Joy Gardner-Gordon, respectively.)

Sir J.G. Frazer wrote in The Golden Bough that "...the Greeks gave the name of tree-agate to a stone which exhibits tree-like markings, and they thought that if two of these gems were tied to the horns or necks of oxen at the plough, the crop would be sure to be plentiful." The creative mind can surely imagine a human parallel. ;)

And Venus seems to be have a particular affinity for the emerald, as confirmed in Crowley's 777.
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Best answer: Moonstones would be your best traditional bet, as they are associated with all things female, including fertility.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone.
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Moonstone? :)
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