How the hell to get IE to print properly?
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When using IE 6 or 7 and printing a page from the same website using two different computers, but the same printer, one prints at half a page length and one prints the desired full page. The print preview for each matches the way each prints. I can't figure this out for the life of me. Anyone?
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Who knows I'd start by

1. Reinstall the printer drivers to the newest version from the vendows website.

2. Verifying the cabling and such is good. Can you ping this printer without loss of packets?

3. Get both machines to IE7.

4. Disable any crap that messes with javascript like "ad blockers" or other add-on crap you find on anti-virus software.

5. Disable any add-in's in IE7.
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Response by poster: 1. DONE. and i even bought a new printer just to see if it was the old one causing the issue.
2. i can indeed
3. i will try this
4. and this
5. and this.

thank you.
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Also, after the computer only prints half a page try manually restating the print spooler service. That might be a work-around for you.

The only time I see half page printing is when someone sends me a pdf with a very high resolution (or other odd issue) and my print spooler either crashes or the printer just runs out of ram.
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