trying to have an unusual time in new york city
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Trying to plan a honeymoon in New York City-looking for an affordable (150$ or under) hotel that is decent, in a good location for someone trying to find their way around the city, and maybe with some character(although the character is definitely not as important as having my own bathroom). I would really like some suggestions of good sites to see with a surreal or fortean/paranormal flavor. My fiancee loves to do grave rubbings(charcoal rubbings of old or unusual graves), so any pointers on what cemeteries would have the oldest gravestones would also be appreciated.

We are planning for the beginning of august time frame and for around a week- thanks in advance!
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$150 or under a night cuts it pretty close. I've stayed at the Jazz Hostels(both Jazz on the Town and Jazz on the Park), and they were decently nice, with plenty of character and great locations.
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Amsterdam Inn, on the UWS at 72nd St (right near the 1/2/3 stop) has an 80 dollar a night (I think) suite. The room is very small (ie. closet size) and, if you are tall or large, you will not be able to close the door when you're using the toilet. They have slightly cheaper rooms without a bathroom in it (share on the floor) if you don't mind that. It's not "decent" but it is clean.

If you want "decent", you are going to need to spend a more than 150 a night (unless you get a great deal).

Now, for grave rubbings, go to Trinity Church near Wall Street - many many old graves. St Paul's down there has a few graves too. There might be some in Brooklyn but Manhattan's graveyards are few and far between (that real estate is valuable, yo).
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My favorite cheap and chic hotel/hostel in the city is the Gershwin on 27th St. For the rubbings, for famous and architecturally significant graves, check out Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx.
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That almost made sense... it's been a long day.
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the greenwood cemetary in brooklyn is famous. there's a holiday inn express in brooklyn on union street right by the subway.
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also the b&b marisa is good.
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I've stayed at the Gershwin too, and liked it, although, being an older building, the plumbing was a bit hit and miss, by which I mean it was difficult to regulate the shower to be either not cold or not boiling.

But it was very clean, central, interesting and it's easy to get to just about everything you need to see either on foot or by subway, as there are two 28th St stations serving different lines close to the hotel.
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My beloved and I spent our honeymoon at the Harlem Flophouse (after consulting the hivemind). I would definitely recommend it, but next time we go we'll probably try the Chelsea Lodge.
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if you want to spend a lot of time in brooklyn, i'd recommend staying at a B&B in Park Slope

Here are two suggestions, the first is $150/night w/ a private bath:
The Park Slope Inn
The Park Slope Bed & Breakfast
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Don't forget to check the NYC Craigslist! People here frequently go out of town and sublet out their place while they're gone. It can sometimes be nicer than a hotel, can be in great locations, and is usually never more expensive than a hotel. (Typically less.)
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second craigslist temp places. hotels is cutting it very tightly.

you might come across the carter hotel.
you might think for 80 or 90 bucks per night it has to be somewhat decent.
you might think it's great that they're right next to times square.
you might think the reviewers were melodramatic.

you'd be wrong.
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We stayed at the Carlton Arms hotel near 23rd and 3rd. Cool place. $110 per night for 2 people. It is clean, safe and full of cool travellers.
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For an interesting and possibly, but not likely cheaper New York experience you could stay at the Sheraton in Flushing. I still think you'll go over $150.00 but not as much as Manhattan. True it is the end of the 7 line and it is long to Manhattan, but....

1) 7 train is a trip in itself because Queens has every culture under the sun.
2) Flushing is interesting in its own right. Good Asian cuisine. Best Korean on the East coast, and probably the west too.
3) John Bowne House has a few graves, I think. Plus it is of major historical importance. Everyone should know about the Flushing remonstrance.

FYI, I don't know if there are actual gravestones that you can rub, but the African Burial ground is now open in the financial district.

FYI part 2. If you want to take Metro-North on a day jaunt, you can take it to Phillipse Manor (closer) or Tarrytown (more trains on the week-end) and then to the Old Dutch Church, the real-life Sleepy Hollow. Lots of old graves there. Maybe you'll find Ichabod Crane's. A nice day trip.
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There is only one place to go. "Ye Olde Carlton Arms Hotel" is the most fantastic place I've stayed in. My girlfriend and I were there a year or two ago. We shared a room for $80 a night, and it's a little more to have an ensuite ($130). What makes it incredible though is that every surface in every room and every corridor and every bathroom is covered with amazing and hugely varying art that has been done by local artists. Each room has its own unique theme, and the corridors could take hours to walk down because of all the amazing, tiny drawings and paintings along the way.

This is definitely what you're after.
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Will the standard be open by then? If it is, you might luck out on opening prices...
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The Larchmont is in a great location in Greenwich Village, it's a European style hotel, i.e. shared bathrooms. But the price is right and the rooms are clean and you *feel* like you're in the city, if that makes sense. Highly recommended.
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Oops, skimmed over the "have my own bathroom" part. Coincedentally, I saw this article on msnbc, the ramada plaza new yorker can be had for $139, usually 250.
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Doh, I'm slipping. You have to use Expedia to get the 139 rate . . .
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Check out The Pod Hotel. I've recommended it to a number of friends visiting town and none have been disappointed. Prices may have gone up a bit but I'd be surprised if they've broken $150 yet.
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