Online quest for Ushuaia vanilla shower gel!
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Awesome, supermarket-available, vanilla-scented shower gel from France - bought online and shipped to Latvia?

I'm trying to find a way to buy "Ushuaia Gel Douche 2 en 1 Adoucissant Vanille" online and have some shipped to me in Latvia.

Here's an image of the bottle at a French-language product-review site.

I've found a bunch of online stores based in France/Belgium that will deliver to French/Belgian addresses, which isn't helpful, as I'm in Latvia. It's not on or

It's probably no more than 5 euros for a 250ml bottle, and is in every supermarket, apparently, but I was in France over Christmas, when everything was closed, and didn't get a chance to pick any up.

(I'm also willing to pay a France-inhabiting MeFite to send me some if I can't find it online.)

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Response by poster: Whoops, two small addenda -

1) I read French pretty well, so using a French website in French to buy this would be totally possible, but my speaking skills aren't so hot, so phone calls would be tough.
2) The "product review site" I link to is actually one of the stores which won't ship to Latvia.
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I live in Belgium. If you don't find another solution feel free to contact me.
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This place appears to deliver all around the world. And they have your shower gel.
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