I suck at IKEA.
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How do you get a plastic IKEA rivet out of a half-built drawer?

I was on auto pilot putting together the last drawer and did this step, except I put the middle board in upside-down. So I desperately need to get that middle board turned right side up, otherwise the drawer set is pretty useless. I tried pulling it out, but unfortunately it seems to be in there nice and good. I'm afraid I'm going to tear apart the particle board if I pull too hard.
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The particle board is stronger than the plastic rivet, so if something's going to give it probably won't be the drawer piece. Use something flat to pry the boards apart a little then just pull them apart, being sure to keep them straight. You can always get replacement rivets from Ikea if necessary.
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Use a car jack inside the drawer.
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It worked! Got one side, working on the other. Thanks, with your help, I may get some sleep tonight.
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Just got the other side!
Car jack's a good idea too.
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