2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery Replacement
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2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery Replacement

I cannot understand Battery Replacement in hybrids. I am researching a 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid.

My questions:

1) How long the Battery will last in terms of mileage or yeras ?

2) How much does battery replacement cost ?

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I own a Prius. There are Prius batteries that have lasted ~300k miles (in taxi cabs, so lots of stop and go, and battery driven acceleration). The Camry runs on very similar to identical batteries (haven't done the research, so I'm not sure).

The cost of a battery replacement is something like $8000, so probably more than the car is worth at 150,000 miles, but there is a good warranty on them up until 100k miles for the prius, so I'm not too worried about it.

Basically, don't worry about the batteries, as they won't die before any other large component will.
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According to the brochure I read, the Hybrid Vehicle Battery is warranted for 10 years/150,000 miles. This may be different in your state. Call a dealership in your area and talk to the Internet Salesperson. They field a lot of questions without any pressure to buy.
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After googling around some - we also own a Prius (1st gen) - the most common figure I see for battery pack replacement is around $3000, not $8000.
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I own a 2001 Prius (and a 2007). Our battery went out last year. It had an 8 year warranty, so it was free. I really wouldn't worry about the battery. The Toyota hybrid tech is pretty flawless. Buy a cheaper car and replace the engine at 150k, or get the Toyota and be happy.
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