Historical car pricing.
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Are there any websites that compile historical MSRPs for cars? Like if I wanted to know how much a dude had to pay for a new Camaro in 1979.

I suppose I could piece together this sort of information in by scouring sites like Edmunds, etc.. but I'm lazy and I want one simple source.
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Looks like a 1979 Camaro Sport Coupe would set you back $4,676.90, while the all-together more awesome Camaro Z28 Sport Coupe was yours for $6,115.35. (Source.)
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Bitchin'. Actually I wanted this information for all makes/years.
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The Standard Catalog of American Cars (1946-1975) will give you a clear picture of pricing, number built with various equipment packages and much more. I've worn out 4 copies of this wonderful book.
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