Staub cookware question
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Are these pinholes in the enamel surface of my new Staub cookware normal or flaws?

So I just bought my first piece of expensive enameled cast iron cookware (Staub Pumpkin, from Ebay) and being inexperienced with the stuff I don't know if I should consider these pinholes problematic or not. I'm not asking for your opinion on the aesthetics of the holes; I'm asking if, with use in high temperatures and washed in water, pinholes of this size (and they seem pretty deep, too) will cause the enamel to chip or crack. Can moisture reach the iron and cause problems? I've purchased a few things on Ebay and never had quality problems before, and I'm not a terribly fussy person, but this wasn't cheap, so I'm less inclined to just let it go.
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Best answer: Not normal, and will definitely cause the enamel to crack off due to creeping corrosion underneath given time.
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Best answer: I wouldn't let it go. I'd say that pretty much undermines the integrity of the enamel.
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Response by poster: Thanks, that's what I suspected. I've contacted the seller and she's agreed to exchange it.
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Glad to hear she's exchanging it for you. It's awesome stuff, enameled cast iron. I use our Le Creuset Dutch oven 3 or 4 nights a week during the colder months and can't imagine life without it. Happy cooking!
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